In the Holy Bible, Almighty Eternal, the Holy One of Israel reveals a pattern that resulted in a more immeasurable understanding of the Eternal One’s Word for man today. This pattern shows us that the events written may in some cases be of a dual nature, or a prototype for future events. Such as the flood of Noah’s time, picturing the final judgment of the earth by fire; events which were to happen to the nation of Israel. These were told years in advance by the Eternals prophets, and the physical things He has give to man to instruct him in the heavenly.

An example of the latter being, the furnishings of the earthly Temple of the Eternal, represents their counterparts in heaven. Could it be possible that in these physical-spiritual relationships, Almighty the Eternal has given to man, we have missed some of the physical benefits the Eternal intended us to have?

Did the Eternal have in the laws of animal sacrifice he gave to Israel a dual blessing for mankind? First, that if they would have obeyed these laws, and regulations of animal sacrifice; which were the examples and shadow of the heavenly things. Secondly, could these same laws and regulations of animal sacrifice provide for those that would obey them, a happy and healthful life? Thus being free from the diseases and poisons carried from animal to man, by handling and consumption of animal flesh.

The following represents two and a half years of private study into the subject of animal meat hygiene. As a Sanitarian with the Marion County Health and Hospital Corporation, the Department of Public Health in Indianapolis, Indiana, I was able to gain a greater insight into this subject. I was able to obtain personal interviews with the veterinarian in charge of the meat inspection for the State of Indiana and the veterinarian in charge of the Food Section of the Marion County Health Department who were leading authorities in this field and were responsible for city, state, and interstate meat inspection. They provided much written and oral information pertaining to the procedures, problems, and results of animal meat handling, and inspections, sanctioned and controlled by the Federal Government.

Through observation and interviews with U.S. meat inspectors and the Jewish Rabbi responsible for the “Koshering” of meat in the Indianapolis area, I was able to witness and evaluate the two types of procedures used in the United States first hand on the packing house “kill floors”. Also, many facts published, and unpublished were obtained through thousands of hours of research into private, government, and published reports and books, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and many written works by leading authorities on the subject. These included the study of the Jewish works by J.J. Berman a Rabbi who is recognized by leading scholars, including the Jewish Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Britannica. The most valued history is from the Old Testament from the Holy Bible, which is acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the beginning of animal meat hygiene.

The reason for this study was brought about by unsuccessful understanding of animal sacrifices prior to my work in Public Health, and my first meat packinghouse inspection during my orientation into the Marion County Health Department. This was in the fall of 1968. A question was asked concerning the metal tags on some of the carcasses hanging in a special room next to a larger room full of carcasses. We were told that these were Jewish, or Kosher killed animals.

The question in my mind was “why two different types of animal hygiene?” Nobody seemed to know why. The following will, I hope provide the reader with a better understanding of animal meat hygiene. And for those that may have had the same misunderstanding of Biblical animal sacrifices (in Hebrew means to slay or kill).

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